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Fort Worth & Hurst Eye Doctors

Texas Eye & Laser Center is the premier ophthalmology practice of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Our collective years of experience combined with advanced eye care technology allows our team of eye doctors and ophthalmologists to provide high quality LASIK, cataract, refractive clear lens extraction, and SMILE eye surgery. We provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options for a variety of eye care needs, such as cornea disorders, glaucoma, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, and much more. Schedule your free consultation with one of our eye doctors today and begin your journey to visual freedom.

4 stars 4
The staff and very courteous and friendly. The wait time to be seen was very long. Appointment was for 935 did not get called in until 1045. I asked and they said they were very behind. I would recommend them with a caveat that plan for extra time for parking as well for the full appointment. I left the clinic at 1230.I would recommend taking the first appointment in the morning which his what I did for my next appointment.

5 stars 5
My wife had cataract surgery last Monday by Dr. Ranelle and the results has been great. Her vision, color clarity and brightness is as it was many years ago, it is just awesome. This firm is one of the most efficient and professional organizations I have seen in a long time. She is looking forward to having the other eye done vey soon. I highly recommend Dr. Ranelle and his group to anyone needing cataract replacement. 4.17.16

5 stars 5
My experience was awesome and I would recomend this office to anyone

5 stars 5
my experience with this practice has been awesome, from the first time that i stepped into their office i was greeted warmly, was told ahead of time to expect to be in the office for at least 3 hours, that is a true estimation but the entire time i was there my eyes were being tested or i was talking to a surgery counselor. i highly recommend them for all eye issues.

5 stars 5
The staff at the Ft. Worth office were both friendly and very professional. This is a VERY popular doctor group and at times the lobby can get full, but Dr. Hu is a very respected cornea specialist. Just finished my left eye, and everything went perfect. I am getting the right eye done in 6 weeks. On all my follow-up visits, I was taken back immediately. The staff made sure that I had everything I needed such as prescriptions, etc. I would strongly recommend this group to anyone. Just an FYI, first visits can take a little longer as they do a lot of testing and questions to make sure you get diagnosed perfect. Thank you Dr. Hu for giving me my vision back.

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HURST Location

1872 Norwood Dr., Suite 200,
Hurst, TX 76054
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3405 Locke Ave., Suite 100,
Fort Worth, TX 76107
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