6 of the Smartest Reasons to Consider the Vivity IOL

Do you have cataracts? It may be time to start thinking about cataract surgery. One of the essential components of cataract surgery is choosing an intraocular lens (IOL).

An IOL is an artificial lens that takes over the job that your once clear natural lens cannot accomplish anymore. You’ll have your natural lens taken out during cataract surgery to remove the cataract formed inside it.

IOLs come in different varieties, from standard monofocals to premium lenses. At Texas Eye and Laser Center, we’re proud to offer our patients the Vivity lens. The Vivity IOL is a premium lens, but its unique design distinguishes it from other premium IOLs, making it an excellent choice for many patients.

Keep reading for 6 of the smartest reasons to consider the Vivity lens when you have cataract surgery!

1.    It Can Give You a Broader Range of Vision

Standard IOLs are called monofocal lenses, and they’re set to one refractive power, meaning they help you see best at one focal point. Some patients that choose monofocal IOLs also opt for something called monovision.

With monovision, your cataract surgeon puts one lens in one eye with a close focal point, and the other eye gets a lens with a further focal point. Patients can see well enough between these distances when the eyes work together, but they don’t have the sharpest vision and will still need glasses.

Premium IOLs usually offer a broader range of vision, and the Vivity IOL provides the most comprehensive range of vision that any premium IOL can offer. The Vivity IOL is the only non-diffractive extended depth of focus (EDOF) IOL.

Having an extended depth of focus means that the IOL is not set to see at just one focal point. It allows you to see the best within a set range.

A non-diffractive distinction means that the light bends instead of splitting the light that passes over the lens. Because the light bends instead of splitting, it allows a smoother transition between different visual distances than diffractive IOLs.

These distinct features give the Vivity IOL such a wide range of vision.

2.    It Allows You To See Well Up Close and at Intermediate Distances

The Vivity IOL, like most IOLs, is designed to correct presbyopia, which can make it difficult to focus up close. Many premium IOLs allow patients to see very well up close.

Unfortunately, this usually results in having less than optimal vision at an intermediate distance. However, the Vivity IOL offers excellent vision at any range, including clear vision at a middle distance and functional up-close vision.

With the Vivity lens, you should not need glasses when doing most everyday tasks like looking at your smartphone. However, you may need to use reading glasses when reading a prescription label or nutrition facts at the grocery store.

3.    It Causes Fewer Visual Disturbances

Some premium IOLs are more likely to cause post-surgical visual aberrations like glare, halos, and starbursts. These aberrations are due to imperfections in the IOL itself.

While minor and not common, these imperfections can affect a patient’s night vision and may cause glare at certain angles. The Vivity IOL lowers the risk of post-surgical visual aberrations significantly.

There is less chance of visual aberrations occurring because the Vivity IOL uses X-WAVE technology, proprietary only to the Vivity lens. X-WAVE technology smooths the transition between different refractive powers on the lens.

Because the transition between different focal distances is smooth, the composition of the lens has fewer imperfections. Combined with the fact that the lens doesn’t split light, the Vivity IOL is far less likely to cause any visual aberrations. It’s also why the Vivity lens delivers monofocal-quality distance vision while still providing excellent intermediate vision and functional up-close vision.

4.    It’s Great for Patients that Spend Time on their Computers

Because the Vivity IOL allows you to see very well at a middle distance, it’s ideal for patients that spend time using the computer, whether for pleasure or work. IOLs that give patients their best vision at a very close distance often aren’t suited for anyone who works on a computer most of the time.

These IOLs may inadvertently cause patients to sit far too close to the screen. To avoid eye fatigue, it’s best to only view screens and digital devices at an intermediate distance, so the Vivity IOL is perfect for anyone who works on a computer or often uses screens.

The lens also filters some of the harmful blue light emitted by electronic screens, reducing your exposure.

5.    It Can Also Correct Astigmatism

diagram of an eye with astigmatism

The Vivity IOL also comes in a toric model, which can correct astigmatism. Toric lenses are the only IOLs specifically designed to correct astigmatism.

The toric Vivity IOL has the same benefits as the standard Vivity lens but with the added benefit of correcting some degree of astigmatism. If you have presbyopia and astigmatism, the Vivity IOL can help fix both visual issues simultaneously. Many patients experience their best vision after choosing the Vivity IOL.

6.    It Can Reduce Your Dependence on Glasses and Contacts

While patients with the Vivity IOL may still need reading glasses for fine focus and detail-oriented tasks, the lens still significantly reduces the need for glasses and contacts. By providing functional up-close vision and incredible vision at almost any distance, patients often don’t need regular glasses or contacts in their daily life.

Not only can patients view electronic screens better, but they can also see better for various social and outdoor activities. The lens also filters UV light, giving you an extra layer of protection against the harmful rays from the sun.

93% of Vivity IOL patients would recommend it to a friend or loved one. You can rest assured that this premium lens can provide you with excellent vision while helping you live your life to the fullest after cataract surgery.

Do you want to learn more about the Vivity IOL and determine if it’s the right choice for you? Schedule a cataract consultation at Texas Eye and Laser Center in Fort Worth, TX, to learn more about this incredible premium lens!

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