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“The whole process was easy and great. It has been one of the best decisions I have made. I would recommend it to anyone considering it and certainly, personally, recommend Texas Eye and Laser Center.”- Lanny Grissom (Actual Patient)


“It’s nice to be able to wake up and see without reaching for my glasses and to be able to work long hours without my contacts drying up.”- Shane Duke (Actual Patient)


“My laser surgery was one year ago this month and I cannot be happier with it. Y’all Do the best!!!!” – Paul Sewell (Actual Patient)


Another happy Texas LASIK patient….”Took 70 years to get smart and have LASIK!”- Maclyn Harrison (Actual Patient)


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Ranelle and his staff. I went to another place before coming here that made me feel like I was in a cattle call but I didn’t feel that way at all at Texas Eye and Laser Center. Dr. Ranelle was very personable with a fun personality. Before and during the actual procedure he made me feel very comfortable and less stressed about it all. He was also fabulous in the follow-up. The LASIK Coordinator was fantastic as well. I would HIGHLY recommend him and his staff for anyone considering LASIK.”– Ellen Teall, Fitness Instructor (Actual Patient)


“My experience was incredible! I have worn glasses since 5th grade and I am so happy to not have to reach for them on my bedside table the second I wake up!!! Dr. Hu was incredibly professional, yet has such a sweet disposition and bedside manner. I appreciated him very much! As a classical musician, I am so happy that I can see the music now with no worries of my contacts drying out, moving, etc! I healed up very well, with little to no discomfort! I would highly recommend Texas Eye and Laser Center for caring staff and skilled and trustworthy surgeons! Thank you, Dr. Hu, for my awesome vision!”– Jeanene Johnson (Actual Patient)


“The scariest part was just filling out the forms. The surgery experience was easy. In fact, I would do it again. My eyesight the next day exceeded expectations! I highly recommend!”– Larry Adkins (Actual Patient)


“My vision was pretty awful all through middle and high school. I was constantly going through glasses and contact lenses. Now, I have 20/15 vision and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Perfect vision has made my life a lot simpler.”– Kaydra Brannan (Actual Patient)


“My vision is extremely improved! Life and work are much better without messing with contacts or glasses. I am a firefighter and now I don’t have to worry about glasses or contacts when we get up for calls in the middle of the night!” – Doug Parks (Actual Patient)


“The quick and painless process was ideal for me since I had a very strict deadline for the military. I was very impressed that I received my surgery just 6 days after I learned I needed it!” – Casey Raaz (Actual Patient)


“Dr. Hu and the entire staff here have been very helpful and informative through my experience. It’s been great not having glasses or contacts to mess with anymore.” – Susan White (Actual Patient)


“All the technicians were very professional and informed. They made sure that I stayed relaxed throughout the entire procedure. The aftercare was excellent on all follow-up visits.” – Joseph Johnson (Actual Patient)


“The surgery was quick and painless. I can see 20/15 and couldn’t be happier! I never have to go back to Brett Steinfelscontacts. Life is good!” – Brett Steinfels (Actual Patient)


“Dr. Ranelle and the staff at Texas Eye and Laser Center Angela Mirzadehter were nothing short of exceptional from beginning to end. I could not have asked for a better experience and I recommend Texas Eye and Laser Center to anyone considering LASIK! It is amazing being able to see 20/20 again!” – Angela Mirzadeh (Actual Patient)


“This has been an amazing experience! I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in the door! Great, friendly staff and Dr. Ranelle was so calming during the actual procedure! I’m amazed at how great my vision is now! I’d recommend LASIK to everyone and refer them here! Wonderful experience!” – Tausha Kemp (Actual Patient)


“The surgery and experience both have been amazing! Dr. Ranelle and all of the staff were completely professional and made what could be a scary procedure literally pain-free! I highly recommend Texas Eye and Laser Center!” – Tierney Sutton (Actual Patient)


“I am so glad to have had my LASIK procedure done at Texas Eye and Laser Center. They made me feel calm and were welcoming. Dr. Hu talked to me during the procedure so I would know what was going on (no surprises) and it was done quickly. My follow-ups proved that I now have 20/15 vision. I couldn’t be happier!” – Heather Clark (Actual Patient)


“I love, love, love not wearing glasses. I procrastinated about having LASIK surgery for years, but I can honestly say it has been one of the BEST quality of life decisions I have ever made. Thank you Dr. Hu!” – Selena Love Kloehr (Actual Patient)

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