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Contact our Hurst office today for an in-person consultation.

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Contact our Ft. Worth office today for an in-person consultation.

Fort Worth & Hurst Eye Doctors

Texas Eye & Laser Center is the premier ophthalmology practice of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Our collective years of experience combined with advanced eye care technology allows our team of eye doctors and ophthalmologists to provide high quality LASIK, cataract, refractive clear lens extraction, and SMILE eye surgery. We provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options for a variety of eye care needs, such as cornea disorders, glaucoma, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, and much more. Schedule your free consultation with one of our eye doctors today and begin your journey to visual freedom.

5 stars 5
I have had symphony toric lens implants in both eyes and have 20/20 vision for the first time. My vision is better than I ever expected. Dr Hu and his staff have been wonderful!

5 stars 5
I always recommend Dr. Ranelle & everyone is so nice! I had the Lifestyle Cataract lens & turned out really well & I can do my makeup with glasses!
5 stars 5
I just had the Symfony lens placed in both of my eyes.. My right eye is doing fantastic and my left is progressing. My left eye has always been a little weaker than my right eye..

5 stars 5
Procedure to install restore cataract lens went fine! End results are very FINE!

5 stars 5
Very pleased with staff, TMF lens. Professional and caring.
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HURST Location

1872 Norwood Dr., Suite 200,
Hurst, TX 76054
Map of Our Hurst Location


3405 Locke Ave., Suite 100,
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Map of Our Fort Worth Location