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Texas Eye & Laser Center is one of the premier ophthalmology practices of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Our collective years of experience combined with advanced eye care technology allows our team of eye doctors and ophthalmologists to provide high-quality LASIK, cataract, refractive clear lens extraction, and SMILE eye surgery. We provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options for a variety of eye care needs, such as cornea disorders, glaucoma, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, and much more. Schedule your free consultation with one of our eye doctors today and begin your journey to visual freedom.

5 stars 5
Excellent results, both eyes. Can't recommend enough. Both were Crystal lens. Perfect!

5 stars 5
I have Astimatic lenses & I have 20/20 now WITHOUT GLASSES. The office & all personnel are managed in incredible fashion & service is prompt. At 75 I feel like I have been given a wonderful gift!

5 stars 5
I am quite young to have cataracts, 37. I have been extremely nearsighted with astigmatism all my life. Dr. Hu was thorough, re-assuring, and confident that he could help me. Being so young, i had gotten opinions from other surgeons in the area as well. I felt the most comfortable with Dr. Hu. Surgery was painless. Recovery has been great, no itchiness or irritation just a little dryness. I could barely see the big e before surgery and a week after surgery clearly see 2015 with some 2010!!!
5 stars 5
Everything was efficient and orderly.

5 stars 5
Dr. Ranelle performed Cataract surgery Oct, 2011 in my left eye., with Intraocular Lens. My right eyeReStore Multifocal IOL Lens Nov. 2011. Very pleased with results, so nice to not have to where glassed. I have not been able to see this well since I was 28 years old.


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