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Texas Eye & Laser Center is the premier ophthalmology practice of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. Our collective years of experience combined with advanced eye care technology allows our team of eye doctors and ophthalmologists to provide high quality LASIK, cataract, refractive clear lens extraction, and SMILE eye surgery. We provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options for a variety of eye care needs, such as cornea disorders, glaucoma, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, and much more. Schedule your free consultation with one of our eye doctors today and begin your journey to visual freedom.

5 stars 5
I was diagnosed with Fuch's Corneal Dystrophy several years ago and referred to Dr Jerry Hu. He has painstakingly walked me though treatment and restoration of my vision. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Hu's expertise and manner, he is simply the best!!! The staff at Texas Eye and Laser are the best as well. I highly recommend Texas Eye and Laser, having several friends and family using their services.

5 stars 5
Just two weeks ago I got Lasik performed on both of my eyes by Dr. Brian Ranelle. The procedure, as would anything done to your eyes, is a little unnerving but I felt so confident the Dr. Ranelle would do a good job. He was so comforting during the procedure and his 30+ years in practice without one post-op Lasik infection speak for themselves. I now have 20/20 vision and cannot believe the improvement it has made to my life. Never again will I suffer from dry eyes or ever have to wear contacts. I'm looking forward to many years of great vision and cannot thank Dr. Ranelle enough for giving that to me.

5 stars 5
I had cataract surgery on both eyes (Left-2012 Right-2013) and now have 20/20 vision in both. Amazing how professional and timely the process and procedure went both times. All the Staff as well as the Nurses and Dr. Ranelle were Fantastic and the procedure was painless on the day of Surgery as well as the days following. I was back at work the following day each time.My Daughter In Law (Medical Student - specialty Optometry) did not hesitate when I asked her who I should see for my cataract -- she recommended Texas Eye & Laser and Dr. Ranelle. I can recommend Texas Eye and Laser (both locations - surgery in Hurst all other visits in Fort Worth) without reservation. If you have cataracts I cannot imagine going anywhere else.

5 stars 5
Texas Eye and Laser Center was divine. A year ago, I went to another location that required I have a credit check prior to seeing the eye doctor. Why would I see the salesman who gave me a pitch and wanted my social security number, before I even knew if I was a candidate for surgery? I waited and this summer I was so thrilled I was referred to Texas Eye and Laser Center. Everything from the very first visit to my last follow up was handled so professionally. I'm very picky, so I can be critical of customer service...but Dr. Hu and his staff were amazing. I trusted Dr. Hu when he advised me to go with monovision - which means although I'm near sighted in both eyes, I only had surgery in my right eye. I asked myself, "How could that work?" Well, my vision works beautifully, and I saved money.

5 stars 5
Pleasant atmosphere, efficient and friendly staff. Follow-up in both pre- and post- surgery was very caring and helpful. I had been very concerned about having my eyes the subject of surgery but my concerns were alleviated, the cataract problems taken care of and I am now a very happy camper.

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