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Optimizing Your Vision During Your Cataract Procedure

At Texas Eye and Laser Center, Dr. Brian Ranelle and Dr. Jerry Hu use a variety of advanced technologies that can enhance the quality of your vision after your cataract procedure, and even reduce the chances of you needing eyeglasses. One of these innovative options is SmartVision, a proven state-of-the-art analysis that provides your surgeon with an unprecedented new level of valuable information about your eye. And it’s on-demand during the procedure, which is exactly when it is needed the most. When SmartVision is included as part of your procedure, you can have the confidence of knowing that your surgeon has the information needed to optimize your visual outcomes.

How It Works

With conventional measurements, it is not possible to achieve the on-demand analysis provided by SmartVision. Prior to SmartVision, surgeons were unable to assess the quality of vision during the procedure and would have to wait until weeks after the procedure to determine the accuracy of the results. Now, thanks to incredible tools like the state-of-the art ORA intraoperative aberrometer Dr. Ranelle and Dr. Hu can easily adjust lens powers, astigmatism corrections, and IOL placement. At any point in the cataract procedure, our surgeons can easily take a measurement, which is then analyzed and used to guide their decision making to improve the vision of your eye. This new level of precision makes cataract outcomes better than ever before! ORA can help patients reduce or eliminate the need for distance glasses after cataract surgery. Benefits of SmartVision include:

  • SmartVision analysis can be added to optimize any cataract procedure regardless of the lens that you and your surgeon select
  • Your surgeon will receive a SmartVision analysis that will guide the correction of your eye to help ensure optimal outcomes

If you have astigmatism, SmartVision may improve the accuracy of your correction to help reduce the chance that you will need eyeglasses after your procedure

If you would like to know how your postoperative vision can be optimized by choosing SmartVision, call for more details.

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