Cataract Testimonials

“Dr. Hu: Once again you have exceeded my expectations! I want to thank you for two very special things. #1, after my cataract surgery I have been able to see things I have not seen in 20 years. You previously did an exceptional job fixing the cataract in my right eye, but this time you outdid yourself. My left eye is my dominant eye, fixing that cataract has allowed me to vividly see things with clarity, color, and contrast that I have not seen for 20 years. The view of the world this 4th of July weekend has been absolutely stunningly beautiful!! Additionally, Dr. Head and your staff have done a superb job of post-surgery care, please thank them for me.”


“Speaking of the 4th of July that brings me to item #2, much more important than me and much more noteworthy than my sight is what you do for America. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking Tricare Insurance which you know is the insurance used by the United States retired military and also the active members of the United States Armed Forces. We all know Tricare reimbursements are not as high as the other insurances that you receive. Likewise, we know that you could not run your entire practice taking only Tricare Insurance. But each time you accept Tricare you are honoring our military members and saying thank you for the sacrifices our veterans have made to keep America free. The fact that you take Tricare and continuously honor our veterans makes you a Great American.”
Best Regards, Kevin Sweeney (Actual Patient)


“My sincere thanks to Dr. Brian Ranelle and Dr. Jerry Hu and their staff for making my LifeStyle implant surgery an immediate and overwhelming success. I have never worked with a more caring, considerate, professional group of people, and I really looked forward to coming to the office because they were all so very nice to me. So remember, “you’re burning money” if you don’t go see Dr. Brian Ranelle and Dr. Jerry Hu in Hurst and Ft Worth!” – Rick Stacy, Stacy Furniture, Grapevine, Texas (Actual Patient)


“I kept putting off cataract surgery because I was apprehensive about the procedure. Little did I know, Dr. Hu and his staff would ease my fears from the moment I walked in the door, and that I would be able to see without glasses the very next day! LenSx® cataract surgery was the most life-changing event that’s happened to me since the birth of my grandson.” – Karen Northcut (Actual Patient)


“During my cataract surgery, Doctor Hu and his team told me what to expect every step along the way. It was fast, only took about 15 minutes, and it was done by a laser, so I felt no pain. Cataract surgery with a ReSTOR® lens was completely worthwhile because now I can see again. One thing Dr. Hu said to me before surgery that will always stick out in my mind, is ‘Good things happen to good people’. If you have any doubt in your mind, he is kind, caring and really knows how to make you feel at ease.” – Marvin Herring (Actual Patient)


“Cataract surgery is the easiest thing I have ever done. Once I experienced surgery on my first eye, I couldn’t wait to get the other one done. The greatest thing about cataract surgery is that now I have perfect vision. I can do things like drive at night, go swimming and sow tiny stitches in my needlework.” – Melissa Meszko (Actual Patient)


“After cataract surgery, the mornings are more enjoyable as I get to wake up and see my beautiful wife then enjoy a cup of coffee while I read the paper. As a minister, to be able to read something in my hand and interact with an audience without fussing with glasses is much more practical!” – James Schierling (Actual Patient)

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