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Glaucoma: The Unseen Danger to Eye Health and Vision

The diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma have never been better. Special testing and new treatments now allow us to recognize this common eye disease at earlier stages. New treatments allow better control and prevention of visual loss in most cases. Despite these advances, 50% of Americans with glaucoma don’t know they have this potentially blinding […]

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Modern Cataract Surgery

 Written by Brian D. Ranelle, D.O. Modern cataract surgery is not only about restoring your vision; it is also about restoring your quality of life and health. Today, patients have options to customize their cataract procedures. This allows us to meet the patient’s visual needs beyond cataract removal. Using advanced technology and lifestyle lens implants, […]

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Frequently Asked Questions about Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy for Dry Eye

Although benign, chronic dry eye syndrome is a bothersome condition that can affect everyday life. If left untreated, dry eye can cause blurry vision, itchiness, red eyes and frequent tearing. The board-certified ophthalmologists at Texas Eye and Laser Center are pleased to offer patients the latest treatments for dry eyes, including intense pulsed light (IPL) […]

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All About Intacs

Keratoconus is a corneal disease that affects the shape of the cornea. A healthy cornea is smooth and round, while a cornea affected by keratoconus is shaped like a dome. This irregular shape interferes with the cornea’s ability to refract light properly, causing distorted vision. Mild cases of keratoconus can be managed with Intacs, small […]

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Understanding Corneal Collagen Crosslinking

Corneal collagen crosslinking is an exciting and innovative treatment option for keratoconus (a condition characterized by bulging of the cornea) that is available now at Texas Eye and Laser Center. Clinical trials have found that corneal crosslinking can successfully stop the progression of keratoconus and, in some cases, even eliminate the need for a corneal […]

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Advancement in LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK to correct refractive errors of the eye has never been better. The developments in LASIK technology are nothing short of remarkable. The modern procedure achieves safety, precision, customization, affordability, and rapid recovery of vision. Studies have shown that satisfaction after the procedure is up to 98%. Another study showed that patients who underwent LASIK […]

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3 Reasons to Have LASIK Now

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You’ve heard about it. You’ve thought about it. It’s LASIK, and it has held its place as the world’s leading vision correction procedure for many years now. And for good reason! There has never been a better time to have LASIK and about 800,000 Americans are taking the plunge every year! Reasons for choosing LASIK […]

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Enjoy Clear Vision after Cataracts with the Symfony IOL

Dr. Jerry Hu and Dr. Brian Ranelle are pleased to announce that they are offering the Tecnis Symfony lens implant in Hurst & Fort Worth, which promises excellent vision after cataract surgery and freedom from reading glasses. If you have lost vision to cataracts and presbyopia, the Tecnis Symfony lens can give you continuous, full […]

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Unexpected Benefits of LASIK

If you’ve done any research about laser vision correction with LASIK, you know that the procedure significantly improves eyesight that is compromised by a refractive error. By permanently reshaping the cornea, LASIK often leads to independence from glasses and contact lenses. However, clearer vision and a glasses-free lifestyle aren’t the only benefits of LASIK. Here, […]

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Refractive Errors Surgeries Explained: A Comparison between PRK and LASIK

Many patients visit us to receive LASIK Surgery at our Fort Worth and Hurst locations. In most cases, individuals have already considered options and decided that LASIK is best for their lifestyle, but it’s important to examine various options and differences between other surgical interventions. Texas Eye and Laser would like to give you a […]

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